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Published: Atify admin, Oct 25 2023

Transforming language learning with AI

In the ongoing era of AI revolution, automation is reaching new horizons, and one of the exciting application areas is language learning. AI-powered mechanisms are already being added to many educational platforms automating activities previously done by human tutors. AI-powered mechanisms are already being added to many educational platforms automating activities previously done by human tutors. And latest advances of NLU technology enables automation of language practice allowing users to have a conversation in a foreign language with AI teacher in a very human-line manner.

AI for language practice

At Atify, we are venturing into this domain with our experimental product - Rokitok (, designed to redefine the language learning experience. Already tried by 200+ users and by 1 e-leraning company, Rokitok is a language tutor which enables learners to engage in voice conversations with AI to enhance their English language skills. The initial results and feedback from our users have been exceptionally promising, motivating us to further develop this MVP (Minimum Viable Product) into a full-scale E-learning Platform in 2024.


Rokitok's audience

Rokitok is not just another language learning platform; it's a pioneering step towards a more immersive and effective learning experience. We're bringing Rokitok to help both categories of of end users in the language tutorial market:

  1. Language learners: Live practice has been always been a big need for learners around the world to master languages. But it's not always easy to get - hiring native speakers or traveling abroad to access a speaking environment could be quite expensive. With Rokitok users can talk with AI tutor using their voice (just like they would normally communicate with a real teacher). This unique feature enables learners to practice real-life conversations, helping them improve their speaking and listening skills. It's like having a language tutor available 24/7.
  2. Education organization: We want to partner with educational organizations to bring them the latest AI technology so they can expand it to their user base without committing significant investments and efforts to develop such stack internally (which could be very time and cost consuming). It can create a win-win relationship between Rokitok and educational facilities when more people will benefit of this emerging Product.
You can already try Rokitok for free to experience this innovative AI-powered learning tool. Just visit

The interesting journey ahead

We are continuously evolving Rokitok as one of the top-priority products. Our 12-15 months development roadmap includes the following focus areas:

  • Adding more lessons/content: We're actively working on adding more lessons intended for various level of learners - from early beginners to advanced speakers. Additionally, we're creating professional simulators which will help to train language capabilities for employees in specific working environments (i.e. restaurants workers, pilots, call center workers etc.).
  • Advanced AI capabilities: We will continue building and refining our AI models to provide even more natural and dynamic conversations. Emerging generative NLU/ASR technology is a big strategic part of this initiative.
  • Enhanced UX: We are actively working on improving user interfaces and overall experience to ensure seamless and enjoyable language learning.
  • Expanding language options: While we currently focus on English, we have plans to include support for multiple languages, catering to a global audience.
  • Partners onboarding: In the near future we aim to add functionality to integrate with partners (other learning establishments/platforms) to enable them using Rokitok within their user base. This is expected to result in mutually beneficial win-win relationships for Rokitok (increase in service utilization) and for prospected partners (leveraging emerging technologies without investing significant time and cost resources in internal development) at the same time.
learning ENglish with AI

Sample lessons

These are some recordings demonstrating how Rokitok helps its users to practice English emulating live conversation with a real teacher:

Join us on this language learning revolution

At Atify, we believe in the transformative potential of AI in language learning, and Rokitok is our contribution to this revolution. We invite language enthusiasts, learners, and educators to join us on this journey as we pave the way for a more accessible, engaging, and effective language learning experience. Stay tuned for updates and innovations as we work towards making Rokitok your go-to platform for language improvement and fluency. Together, let's explore the world of language with AI as our guide.

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