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person_add Full-Stack Development
tips_and_updatesProgramming languages: React.js, Node.js, Python/Django, Java
tips_and_updatesDatabases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle
tips_and_updatesAPIs: REST, GraphQL
tips_and_updatesCI/CD: Git, Jenkins, Concourse
tips_and_updatesCloud infrastructure: GCP, AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean

English (advanced), Japanese (advanced), Vietnamese (native)
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person_add Quality Assurance
tips_and_updatesFunctional Testing: Regression, Sanity, System Testing, E2E, UAT
tips_and_updatesNon-Functional Testing: Performance , Load/Stress Testing
tips_and_updatesWeb App automation: Selenium+Java, Protractor+JS, Cypress+JS
tips_and_updatesMobile automation (iOS & Android): Appium+Selenium+Java, Appium+Protractor+JS
tips_and_updatesAPIs: Karate+Cucumber+JS, Rest-Assured+Selenium+Java

English (advanced), Japanese (basic)
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person_add Data Science & Analytics
tips_and_updatesPython, R
tips_and_updatesTableau, Domo, Power BI
tips_and_updatesTensorFlow, BigML, Hadoop
tips_and_updatesPostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle

English (native), German (basic)
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person_add Project Management
tips_and_updatesAgile: Scrum, Kanban, SAFe
tips_and_updatesPlan-driven: PMBOK, Waterfall
tips_and_updatesITIL, ITSM
tips_and_updatesProcess improvement, Problem solving, Risk management

English (advanced), Japanese (advanced), Chinese (native)
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person_add AI Engineering
tips_and_updatesMachine Learning
tips_and_updatesDeep Learning
tips_and_updatesReinforcement Learning
tips_and_updatesNatural Language Processing and Generation
tips_and_updatesComputer Vision
tips_and_updatesAlgorithm Optimization

English (advanced), Japanese (advanced)
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person_add Customer Success Management
tips_and_updatesCustomers facing communications
tips_and_updatesRequirements gathering and clarification
tips_and_updatesBridging information between Customers and Delivery Teams
tips_and_updatesSolutions analysis and proposals
tips_and_updatesFostering a Customer-centric team environment
tips_and_updatesFacilitating issues' resolution

English (advanced), Japanese (advanced)
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