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Published: Atify admin, Nov 18 2023

Deciding when to integrate AI in Customer Support

In the fast-evolving landscape of Customer Support, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a powerful tool to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. However, the decision to embrace AI is not always straightforward, leaving many organizations uncertain about its applicability and benefits for their Contact Centers.

AI in Customers Support Operations

AI adoption goals

Let's try to put it very simple. Generally AI automation rollout can help Organizations achieving 3 primary goals:

Support more customers
Reduce operational costs
Increase Customers' satisfaction
If these objectives align with strategic priorities of your Contact Center, then you should explore how AI capabilities can help your Organization. And oppositely, if those goals are already achived or not a high priority for your Support Center at this point, then possibly you should not invest in AI implementation now and revisit this idea later as your Organization evolves.

Will AI help my Organization to achieve these goals?

It depends... Organizations are all different and you always need to have a closer look at the nature of your Operations. However, there're certain factors which can indicate your Contact Center is good candidate for AI implementation:

  • Your Business has significant amount of users' inquiries (at least a few dozens per day). it's easier to create cost efficiency with AI at scale.
  • Your Customers Support Team needs to provide 24x7 support for your customers and response/resolution time is important.
  • Your Customers Support Team already has existing human operations. Without existing human experience it's challenging (more effort/time consuming) to build AI-models.
  • There are times when you need to quickly scale up (peak season, sales period) or scale down ('low' season) your support operations.
AI assists in Customers Support operations

If these factors are applicable to your Organization, then very likely your Customers Support operations would benefit of AI adoption.

However, while implementing AI-powered assistants the purpose is not to replace human agents entirely - instead, the aim is to augment their expertise. By leveraging AI technologies human agents can minimize time spent on repetitive cases and focus their efforts on more unique tasks/cases to create more value for Business. The symbiotic relationship between AI and human agents creates a productive environment where each contributes their strengths, ultimately elevating the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Customer Support operations.

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